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  • Nick Burgess

The Best Crypto Subreddits On Reddit In 2023

The best ways to learn about a new space like cryptocurrency is to dive into the culture. Start exploring communities, learn about the technology, and dive into the world of all things crypto. Well, there may be no better place on the internet to do this than Reddit.

The Reddit ecosystem is the perfect place to learn pretty much anything about anything. Subreddits are smaller communities of people that share a common interest and look to lean into that content as much as humanly possible. Interested in trees? There's a subreddit for that. Interested in...the opposite of trees? There's also a subreddit for that! And when it comes to cryptocurrency, there's no shortage places to turn to find the best crypto subreddits. Here are the best crypto subreddits on Reddit in 2023:

6. r/CryptoMoonShots (1.9 million members)

If you heard the stories about people getting in on the ground floor of Bitcoin all those years ago and now suddenly they're billionaires driving their Lambo's around Miami, this subreddit is for you. r/CryptoMoonShots is not for the feint of heart (or wallet) as this community attempts to identify early low market cap cryptocurrencies before they go mainstream in order to make as much money as possible. Think of it like an altcoin subreddit where people come to shill their latest meme coin, but in a respectful and thought out manner.

Is most of it garbage, or people trying to shill their new crypto project they've been working on in order to pump and dump their new initial coin offerings? Yeah, probably, but this is also the first place I learned about dogecoin and didn't pull the trigger, so there's that.

5. r/Crypto_Currency_News (228,000 members)

This one is much more helpful than r/CryptoMoonShots, but might not make you quite as much money. CCN essentially serves as a news aggregator for all things crypto or anything crypto-adjacent. For example, several of their top posts pertain to big companies accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment (looking at you, Tesla and the Dallas Mavericks).

Will it help you become a better Bitcoin trader to eventually buy that high-rise in New York? No, but it will help you understand why coins are moving how they are and what it takes to break into the news cycle.

4. r/BitcoinBeginners (1.1 million members)

This one is maybe the most helpful on this list. r/BitcoinBeginners is very self-aware, and understands that the new world of cryptocurrency, blockchain and "proof of work versus proof of stake" is incredibly complex. That's why this subreddit exists: to answer the questions you were too scared to ask, or didn't even know you had. This is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to break into the brave new world of the open financial system that is cryptocurrency.

3. r/Technology (13.7 million members)

The only non-crypto-centric subreddit on this list, r/Technology focused. Since cryptocurrency is essentially an emerging technology, this one belongs on this list. Will you find discussion on Ethereum price action? No, of course not. But it is a good place to get a grasp on the fundamentals of how the blockchain actually works, from those that work in the field or those that are just big nerds about it. As a warning, this subreddit can get extremely deep into the technical discussions once you go down the rabbit hole far enough, but there's some great stuff in here.

2. r/Bitcoin (4.8 million members)

Think of this subreddit as a good blend of some of the above, all focused around the mac daddy cryptocurrency: Bitcoin. This subreddit is one of the most focused, as it's centered on the particular topic of Bitcoin, meaning it's all things Bitcoin. It's price action, news, analysis, price predictions and reposts of Michael Saylor tweets until your eyes bleed. Once you dive into this one, consider yourself orange-pilled. I also want to note that this is not to exclude other popular subreddits about a different specific token, like the ethereum subreddit, which is also pretty good.

1. r/Cryptocurrency (6.1 million members)

This is the one. This is the one-stop-shop if you're into crypto, and serves as the "front page of the internet" for crypto news. It's less focused on promotional content and more focused on being a genuinely helpful place to be. It's the perfect place to be in the Reddit ecosystem to discover your love of cryptocurrency and the crypto community as a whole.


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