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  • Nick Burgess

The 6 Best Investing Subreddits on Reddit

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Reddit - The Front Page of Investing and Personal Finance

Reddit is one of the most unique places on the internet. A website made entirely of subdivided forums (called "subreddits"), Reddit is a place where anyone can go to find their inner...anything. From simple subreddits like "AskReddit" where users can ask questions that have been generally on their mind, to much more NSFW topics, Reddit is full of community-sourced resources and discussion.

reddit investing subreddits

It's also home to an incredibly deep world of personal finance-related topics. One of Reddit's biggest communities, which we'll talk about in a few minutes, was almost single-handedly responsible for bringing down a hedge fund in 2021. Many of the investing and personal finance subreddits, however, are much more innocuous, and all of these I am an active member in!.

Today, let's rate the top six best investing subreddits on Reddit, starting with number six:

6. r/Investing_Discussion - 46,316 members

One of the smaller communities on my list, the Investing Discussion community is one that acts as an "AskReddit" style community for investing, without fear of blowback (more on that later). It's a generally safe space to discuss trading and investing ideas, as well as shitpost other people's' content.

5. r/Cryptocurrency - 4.5 million members

This is the only cryptocurrency subreddit I'm going to put on this list, because Reddit tends to be really touchy about cryptocurrency as an investment. Those that are active in the general investing subreddits don't typically discuss cryptocurrency, and some investing-oriented subreddits outright ban discussing crypto talk. Others view cryptocurrency for the technology, rather than the investment opportunity, and are super guarded about how the individual tokens are discussed.

r/Cryptocurrency is my favorite of the cryptocurrency bunch because it splits the difference. It keeps the tone pretty light while still getting into complex questions and answers about the technology of the blockchain. Check this one out if you're a beginner in the space, and then maybe branch off to token specific subreddits like r/Bitcoin and r/Ethereum if you want to dive deeper.

Interested in crypto? Check out:

4. r/Dividends - 245,222 members

For investors that are younger in their investing journeys, dividends can be really misunderstood concepts. Many younger investors (like myself when I started) tend to seek out the highest dividend yields because that makes intuitive sense: this company will pay me more than the other company so I'll invest in that one, right?

While this subreddit doesn't chase yield, they do tend to chase quality yield. You'll find the best explanations of REIT's, MLP's and Dividend Aristocrats on the internet. If you're interested in passive income, this one is worth a follow.

3. r/Investing - 2 million users

From one of the smaller communities to one of the bigger ones, r/Investing has two million members and counting. The community is EXTREMELY wide ranging in its content, from elaborate due diligence on specific companies to "should I put 100k in an index fund right now?" It's a good mix of beginners and experts, so there's generally good questions being asked, and good answers being submitted.

2. r/WallStreetBets - 11.6 million users

If you searched for, and clicked on, an article about the best investing subreddits, chances are that this is the one you've been waiting for.

wallstreetbets wall street bets subreddit

WallStreetBets is not only the biggest investing subreddit, but one of the biggest subreddits on all of Reddit. Clocking in at 11.6 million users, the forum gained notoriety in 2021 when user u/RoaringKitty published his work on a potential short squeeze involving Gamestop. As users of the WallStreetBets subreddit began to pour into the stock, the price skyrocketed and hedge funds were forced to close their short positions at massive premiums. WallStreetBets members profited while hedge fund White Square Capital actually shut down on the back of the drama.

This is an example of when the WallStreetBets subreddit is a genuinely good and helpful place to be. 99% of the time, however, it's really not. The forum was really formed to have fun with the market at the expense of its users, so please be warned if you're going to participate actively in this subreddit: don't take it personally and have a thick skin. Or just turn the notifications off.

1. r/StockMarket - 1.9 million members

My personal favorite investing subreddit is r/StockMarket. This forum is just a generally nice place to be as an investor. It's a great mix of quality posts, helpful content for new and old investors alike, and a healthy dose of memes on the weekends. Harassment, spam and nonsense are all banned from the subreddit, which helps filter out the noise if you're genuinely interested in learning something. And at 1.9 million members strong, chances are that you will.

This is just my list. What are your favorite investing subreddits? Do you actively use Reddit in your investing style or research? Let me know in the comments below! And don't forget to get your FREE stock valued up to $200 at Robinhood by clicking this link. Thanks for reading!


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