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  • Nick Burgess

Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

Another blog. Awesome. Some asshole trying to write his way to fame and fortune, ready for the big time with his keyboard and some free time. Basically? Yeah pretty much.

This blog is meant to keep count. Not of time spent, or articles published. It's about cold, hard cash. How much do I have? How much do I spend? How do I invest? This blog is meant to be a peek behind the curtain of a family in a pretty good financial position that wants to upgrade their lot in life, one article at a time.

Each post will be a little different. I'll show you my current status, my job and how that applies to my life, and how I plan on breaching the million dollar mark. I'll show you how I spend and save and how I invest my money. I'll dive into businesses, index funds, ETF's, and maybe even a little "Millennial Money" action. And, since I'm interested in investing and the markets, I'll be breaking down market and business news so everyone can understand it, not just the guys in pinstripe suits with the fat cigars.

Ready? Let's go.


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