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  • Nick Burgess

What Is Your Money Goal?

A luxury yacht sailing across the water
What's your money goal? "Yacht" is a pretty good answer.

When I started "Making a Millennial Millionaire," I had one thing in mind: money. It's no secret blogs can be excellent money making ventures. Passive income? Not so much. But a way to do what I love in writing about personal finance and getting paid for it? That's really all I can ask for, right?

The reception I've received so far has really been awesome. But someone posited a question that I thought I was prepared to answer:

What's your goal with this? Why do you want to be a millionaire?

At first I was taken aback a little by the question. What do you mean "why?" Why does anyone want to be rich? So they can be rich! The lifestyle you can afford, to do the things you want to do and to have that millionaire status. But then I really thought about it. What does that money bring? Does it bring the status I'm hoping for? Does it bring the lifestyle? The more I thought about it, the more I realized that what I am really interested in is time.

Money tends to bring time. If you have the money to pay the bills and to take care of the trappings of every day life, you tend to scale back the amount of work you put into just staying alive. All of a sudden, the pressure begins to come off a little. You might take your 9-5 a little less seriously. You might schedule more time for friends and family. Maybe you take the time to order a personal chef every so often so you don't have to think about meals as much, or maybe a personal trainer to take care of planning out your fitness routines. For me, it's being able to find the time to pursue my passions, including this blog. One day, I'd love to grow this blog into a true financial education resource for investors of all ages and expertise, providing jobs to content writers, marketers, accountants and HR experts. I'd also love to retire my parents and my wife, and allow my wife and I to travel across the world, experiencing everything we can while we have the time.

Do I want the big house and the nice car all paid off? Sure I do! Who doesn't? But is my preference more being able to provide a beautiful life for my family and one day provide my kids the best education possible? Absolutely.

So as you read my blog moving forward, keep this in your mind: What's my money goal? Is it learning to budget? Is it spending less and getting your savings account started? Is it to begin investing or figure out what a Roth IRA or a 529 plan is? Is it to buy a 2,000 foot mega yacht and sail up and down the Mediterranean until you drown in olives? There's no wrong answer here. Whatever your answer is, it will help frame how this blog can help you out. So keep that in mind and you'll be successful.

What's your money goal? Let me know in the comments below, and we'll see you in the next one!


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