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The Top 5 Most Exclusive Credit Cards In The World

Updated: Apr 23

The Secret Credit Cards for Millionaires and Billionaires

Over the last year, I've covered a few different credit cards that, while tough to get for 99% of the population, are at least on the radar of normal people. You've definitely heard of these cards in one form or another. Today, I wanted to add a few more to the list that you probably haven't heard of. I'll be listing the ones you might know, and some you definitely don't, along with their features and benefits that make them perfect for the millionaire, or sometimes billionaire, in your life. Let's start with number five:

5. Coutts World Silk Card

We start today in the United Kingdom, home of Coutts financial products. The Coutts World Silk Card is the premier credit card of the U.K, and is one of the only cards on this list that isn't all black in its color scheme (just mostly).

the coutts world silk card mastercard
Courtesy of Lamborghini Talk

How Do You Apply For the Coutts World Silk Card?

In order to get the card, you need to have over $1 million banked with Coutts, which is no small task. After hitting this threshold, however, it's a pretty straightforward application process. Additionally, once you get into the card's ecosystem, the rewards are pretty good. No wonder rumor has it that Queen Elizabeth II herself is a client...

Benefits of the Coutts World Silk Card

  • No monthly spending limits

  • No foreign transaction fees

  • Airport lounge access via LoungeKey

  • A "Thank You" program based on your spending habits. This could include "luxurious gifts or experiences" based on the number of points (called "Crowns") that you bank with Coutts

  • Multiple cardholders with customizable spending limits

  • Coutts Concierge

  • Access to signature events and experiences

What is the Annual Fee for the Coutts World Silk Card?

The Coutts World Silk Card does not have an annual fee, unlike the other entrants on this list.

4. Santander Black Brazilian MasterCard

Coming in at #4 is the Santander Black Brazilian MasterCard. Why? Because it's unclear how many of these actually exist. This card was initially distributed in a limited run to the 3,000 wealthiest clients of Santander Brazil, before the application process was slightly widened a few years ago. Since then, the card has been in flux, and Santander no longer actually advertises it on their website anymore.

the santander world elite mastercard
Courtesy of Luxatic

How Do You Apply for the Santander Black Brazilian MasterCard?

You don't! Initially, you had to be one of the 3,000 wealthiest people in Brazil to even be considered for the card, and that's in a country with over 200 million people. Good luck getting your hands on this one.

Benefits of the Santander Black Brazilian MasterCard

  • Airport lounge access via LoungeKey

  • Santander Private Concierge

  • Private jet discounts

  • $100 annual airline credit

  • 1.5% cash back redemption

  • 2% travel cash back redemption

What is the Annual Fee for the Santander Black Brazilian MasterCard?

The annual fee for this card is a paltry $350, which makes you wonder why they even bother at that point.

3. American Express Centurion Black Card

Without wishing to sound biased, this one is my favorite. I've written about this card before in a much longer format, but it's worth covering here because it's probably the most famous. It's the only credit card on this list that is included in TV shows, rap lyrics and commonly seen on the person of celebrities like Jay Z. But what does it actually do? And how do you get one of these?

the american express centurion black business card

How Do You Apply for the American Express Centurion Card?

There are two ways to be considered for this card:

  1. You spend over $250,000 per year on your existing American Express Platinum Card, or

  2. You apply via this link

It's also worth noting that there are two different versions of this card: Personal and Business. Theoretically, if you're a business owner, then it will be easier to achieve the spend levels necessary to get an invite.

If you're applying to them, chances are you won't get in. However, if American Express reaches out to you, then welcome to the club. Here are the benefits that are waiting for you.

Benefits of the American Express Centurion Card

  • A dedicated, personal Amex Concierge

  • Marriott Bonvoy Gold status

  • Hilton Honors Diamond Elite status

  • IHG Platinum Elite status

  • Delta SkyMiles Platinum Medallion status

  • 50% airline bonus rewards when you pay with points

  • Membership to The Private Suite at LAX

What is the Annual Fee for the American Express Centurion Card?

The American Express Centurion Card demands a $10,000 one-time initiation fee, along with a $5,000 annual fee to hold the card.

2. J.P Morgan Reserve (Palladium) Card

Here's another one that I've written about previously, but I get a lot of questions about. The J.P Morgan Reserve Card (formerly named the "Palladium Card") is the most exclusive credit card in the U.S, thanks to a pretty hefty entry fee. However, it also comes with a slew of benefits that are a "nice to have" for those that do qualify.

jp morgan reserve palladium credit card

How Do You Apply for the J.P Morgan Reserve Card?

Like pretty much every other card on this list, you don't! In order to qualify for this card, you have to have at least $10 million of investible assets with J.P Morgan's wealth management division so....buckle up.

Benefits of the J.P Morgan Reserve Card

  • 5x points on flights

  • 10x points on hotel and car rentals

  • 3x points on restaurants

  • 50% bonus redemption on travel with rewards points

  • Dedicated concierge

  • $300 statement credit on travel-related purchases

  • Private sports and entertainment access

  • Dedicated concierge service, commonly rated top-3 in the industry

What is the Annual Fee for the J.P Morgan Reserve Card?

The annual fee for the J.P Morgan Reserve Card is only $595 per year. For someone with $10 million, that's chump change. It also happens to be lower than the standard American Express Platinum Card, which currently sits at $695 per year.

1. Dubai First Royale MasterCard

While the Amex Centurion Black Card might be my favorite card on this list thanks to the benefits, the Dubai First Royale MasterCard is my all-time favorite card design.

the dubai first royale mastercard
Courtesy of The Mister Finance

Ok, yes, it's mostly black. But do you see the middle of the card? That, my friends, is a diamond embedded in the card. And the edges of the card? Well, that's real gold stamped around it to really give it the air of exclusivity. And man is this card exclusive.

How Do You Apply for the Dubai First Royale MasterCard?

Exclusive to residents of the United Arab Emirates, this card is really only available to the royal family of the U.A.E, and those that are deemed "ultra-wealthy." That means your average millionaire next door won't even qualify for this one. There is no application, though you can check out their official webpage to see just how unworthy you really are.

Benefits of the Dubai First Royale MasterCard

This one is tough. While the other cards on this list are very loud and proud about their benefits list, the Dubai First Royale plays it close to the vest.

The only stated benefit is that cardholders receive a "lifestyle manager." What does that mean? one is really sure. The closest thing we have to an explanation is a quote from Ibrahim al Ansari, CEO of Dubai First, which is "You ask for the moon and we try to get it."

It's also rumored that this card does not have a credit limit, which means you can use it if you're a Chinese billionaire trying to purchase a piece of art.

What is the Annual Fee for the Dubai First Royale MasterCard?

Again, this one is unconfirmed, but apparently there is no annual fee to hold this credit card.


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