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The 5 Best Investment Podcasts For 2022

Updated: May 19, 2022

Investment Podcasts - Great for All Levels

As more people find this website and begin to dig into my articles about company deep dives and general investing, I've started to receive the same question over and over: What investing podcasts do you like, and which would you recommend?

So, rather than hit up every single person on Twitter or Commonstock, I figured I would put together a list of podcasts I think you should listen to if you're really into investing. Here are my top five investing podcasts for you to start listening to in 2022.

One of the earliest investing bloggers, former hedge fund manager Phil Town began publishing his investing philosophy back in 2009 on his website: Rule One Investing. Since then, he's written several books on the topic of long-term investing, started a highly successful YouTube channel and followed that up with his podcast "InvestED," released in 2015.

the invested podcast for rule one investing with phil town
InvestED with Phil and Danielle Town

In his podcast, Phil and his daughter discuss investing concepts and answer listener questions on all facets of investing, including everything from beginner concepts to hedge fund Sharpe Ratios. He can, however, get a little too in-the-weeds to the point where many casual investors might begin to tune out. Check this one out after you've already dipped your toe in somewhere else.

4. Millennial Money (Meet Kevin, Graham Stephan, Jeremy Financial Education and Andre Jikh)

Although some of the titles tend to get a bit "clickbait-y," the podcast itself is quality. Consisting of finance YouTuber royalty, the podcast combines the cryptocurrency knowledge of Andre Jikh, the in-depth company analysis from Jeremy of the Financial Education channel and the macro-economic viewpoints of "Meet Kevin" Kevin Paffrath and Graham Stephan to form a pretty knowledgeable panel of experts.

the millenial money podcast with graham stephan, meet kevin, andre jikh and jeremy financial education
The Millenial Money Podcast

This podcast goes everywhere in the realm of investing and economics. They discuss anything from why some of them invest in Bitcoin to why others on the podcast believe Bitcoin is a shell game, as well as diving into specific companies (like the feud between Kevin and Jeremy around Tattooed Chef).

One clear negative of this podcast is the bleeding over of clickbait titles to each episode. Most of them are titled something to scare the bejesus out of the listener so it'll entice them into listening, which gets old quickly. However, the biggest negative about this podcast is the audio recording set-up, as each person is on Zoom and hasn't quite mastered how to wait for someone else to speak. This usually results in garbled noise for about 10% of the podcast, but the other 90% is well worth listening to.

3. The Tim Ferriss Show (Tim Ferriss)

I feel like I really don't need to introduce Tim Ferriss, but here's a quick background: he's a legend. The author of "The 4 Hour Work Week" that spawned a billion lazy entrepreneurs, Tim has taken his talents to the audio world with "The Tim Ferriss Show."

the tim ferriss show podcast
The Tim Ferriss Show podcast

It's important to note here that not every episode of his podcast is related to investing. Tim focuses on general business topics, but he is incredibly well connected in the investing industry and gets hard-to-book investing talent. He's also a phenomenal interviewer, so he's able to pry information out of his guests that you probably won't get anywhere else. If you have a spare three hours, his podcasts are well worth diving into, and maybe even returning to a few times to make sure you've got it.

2. The Prof G Pod (Scott Galloway and Vox Media)

Similar to Tim Ferriss, Scott Galloway is a modern-day business icon who has spun up his own podcast under the Vox Media umbrella. Again like Ferriss, Galloway's podcast is definitely not just focused on investing. However, Galloway's previous experience in building companies, raising venture capital money and even running his own activist hedge fund lends to a remarkable depth of knowledge when it does come to investing. Not to mention that he manages to book some really fun and interesting guests who can speak to investing in unique ways.

He also hosts an "office hours" edition of his podcast where he spends 30 minutes responding to listener audio messages on business, tech and investing. Finally, he's a little more "new agey" in his topics, so he covers cryptocurrency, the Metaverse and Web3 more than the others on this list.

The Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway
The Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway

I think Galloway is really approachable for every experience level, which is why he sits so high on my list. I attribute this to his current 9-5 as a professor of Marketing at NYU Stern, which I think translates over to how he structures his podcasts. If you're looking for a negative, it could be said that those with differing political views than Galloway could find themselves frustrated at his frequent tangents about social and political policy. Get past that and you've got yourself a very interesting outlook on investing and the markets.

1. Motley Fool Money (The Motley Fool)

The Motley Fool is hands down one of the most useful resources for beginners on stock market investing. Their fleet of writers cover anything and everything; if it's a public company, then they've written about it in some capacity.

What I think is even better than their written content (and that's saying something) is their audio content, led by Motley Fool Money. Motley Fool Money is now a daily podcast published each weekday that covers the stock market news of the day and answers listener questions.

the motley fool money podcast
The Motley Fool Money podcast

Host Chris Hill is excellent at shepherding experts through the news and making it relevant to the listener, providing actually useful content and advice for those listening. They also take breaks from strictly investing content throughout the year with their excellent "Apropos of Nothing" podcasts that cover everything except investing for a couple of hours.

A potential negative here is that they often spend a lot of time on companies that they deem as high priority, but may be a little niche for some investors (Boston Beer, anyone?). Some of their on-air talent is also a little new to the mic, and therefore awkward, but that will fix itself with time. Overall, this is an excellent podcast no matter your investing experience.

The Bottom Line

Obviously, the investing podcast landscape is much greater than what I've listed above. The Economist has their own series, Planet Money is a very popular one and The Motley Fool also has a billion other financial feeds. Hell, even Robinhood has their own podcast channel now. Whichever one you choose, make sure it's relevant to you. If you're into cryptocurrency, maybe don't go with The Motley Fool as they tend to stick to long-term focused public companies. Maybe Scott Galloway would be your go-to. Are you into dropping LSD and throwing a million dollars at gold-backed ETF's? Then Tim Ferriss is your man.

The point is, everyone is different. I've been interested in the markets for a few years, and people like Jeremy from Financial Education and The Motley Fool were my entry point. Finding your entry point is crucial, which is why I've provided a varied list of content creators with passion and knowledge in the markets. Let me know which one is your favorite in the list by hitting me up on Twitter!


Dipam Vasani
Dipam Vasani
Jan 11, 2022

Btw love Andrei Jikh and Tim Ferris

Nick Burgess
Jan 11, 2022
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Dipam Vasani
Dipam Vasani
Jan 11, 2022

These are mine - Business breakdowns - I will teach you to be rich - Chit chat money - The investing city - Invest like the best semi related: - Zero to IPO - Naval's how to get rich

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