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Millionaire Lifestyle - The Park Hyatt NYC

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Welcome to Millionaire Lifestyle, where we highlight the perks of being rich. Today's entry is one of the highlights of New York, the Park Hyatt, who will let you rent a whole floor for you and the mad lads. Let's go!


Let's say you have a big event coming up; you're getting married. First of all, congrats on the upcoming nuptials! But now it's time for the most important part - the bachelor/bachelorette party. You've got the squad and it's time to jet for a few days to commemorate your last few days of *ahem* "freedom." So what do you do? Where do you go? You've got plenty of options, right? Maybe a few days in the sandy shores of Tulum? Or you could go full basic-bitch and squad up in Vegas. Maybe you're a little more rustic and Napa is more your style for some wineries? Or you could go simple and get some Lemon Pepper Lou wings at Magic City. If you're really balling out, I have a new option for you: how about you take over a whole floor of one of the highest rated hotels in the country?

spa entrance at the park hyatt new york city
Image courtesy of Park Hyatt NYC

New York City is tough to beat. The city that never sleeps has a lot of accommodations for tourists that want a taste of the NYC lifestyle. And the wealth is unimaginable. Thanks to the big investment banks and consultancy firms, New York is the city of straight cash homie. Even if you're baller status and you're reading this article for ideas, chances are, you won't be the wealthiest person someone has bumped shoulders with on the street that day. With an average home price in NYC now approaching $1 million, you have to have some serious cash to thrive in the city. That's where the Park Hyatt comes in.

a room at the park hyatt new york city
Image courtesy of Park Hyatt NYC

Two blocks from Central Park, the Park Hyatt is the definition of 5-star. Floor to ceiling windows envelope each of the 210 rooms on the premises, providing primo views of one of the most spectacular skylines in the world. The bougie continues with a lap pool on the 25th floor down the hall from their world class spa, providing a view of New York normally reserved for overfed pigeons. With an average nightly room cost of $795, you'd better hope you're getting some bang for your buck. But let's say you and your bachelor party of 12 are looking to get down, and you have some SERIOUS cash to burn. Enter the "In Residence" package.

In a June press release, the swanky hotel announced that it's now possible to reserve an entire floor for you and your 11 friends for the low, low cost of only $40,000. After you pick your jaw up off the floor, I'll describe to you what you get for this. Ready? OK good. Well first of all, you get the entire 19th floor for you and the Rage Squad or whatever your GroupMe is called for all your groomsmen. The floor has nine connected rooms, including "five corner suites." Don't ask me how the wealthy have figured out how to add an extra corner to a square building, but this amounts to about 10,000 square feet, which is probably what you're used to if you can afford to drop 40 G's on a hotel room. You also get access to a patio! For those of us outside of New York, this isn't a feature. To those inside New York, this is unheard of.

the pool at the park hyatt new york city
Image courtesy of Park Hyatt NYC

In addition to your palatial estate and magic patio, you get to choose three options from the following:

  • Kids video game room and tee-pee sleepover setup

  • Home gym setup

  • Theater room

  • Wellness room

  • Home office

Why in the HELL you'd want a home office set up while you're renting out an entire floor of a hotel is beyond me, but I digress. You also get a ton of amenities which serve as more an icing on the cake, rather than the cake itself. Those include a limo from the airport to the hotel and back, champagne when you arrive, a complementary bike rental, spa treatments and a group personal training session, among others. And if you have more cash burning a hole in your pocket that needs to be removed immediately, you can also request a "complimentary" stylist from the nearby Nordstrom to provide in-room styling and shopping services. This give you and the Rage Squad a chance to bling out while getting hammered on Dom Perignon before you take your cab to Nobu. Just tell your wife's idiot brother not to touch the artwork. Come on Jeff. You're better than that.

The Bottom Line

This isn't worth it. This would literally never be worth it. The hotel is gorgeous, and looks like an unbelievable place to stay if you're visiting the Big Apple, but $40,000 just to stay there is ridiculous. If it gave you a lot more benefits, then it may be approaching usability. Maybe. But for what basically amounts to luxury AirBnB with a free hotel shuttle and some champagne just doesn't seem like a good time. Throw in some free dinner. Throw in some NYC-experiences beyond a bike ride and a picnic in the park. They have the opportunity to take this luxury package and really elevate it to the next level. But for the moment, this is something reserved for the Jay-Z's and heads of state. Better luck next time, Hyatt.


Would you stay here if you had the cash? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments below! And don't forget to sign up for my email list so you can get these in your inbox as soon as they post. See you next time!


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